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A simple breast lift, which is also referred to as a mastopexy, is a relatively simple procedure. Basically, it involves the removal of extra skin around the breast to tighten the area and move the breast into a higher position. There are many reasons why a woman may consider having a breast lift. Breasts are mainly made of fat and many things take a toll on their shape and form. For example, things like breastfeeding, various weight changes, aging and even gravity can all affect the shape and position of our breasts. It is for that reason that Dr. Liu specializes in breast lifts in the San Francisco Bay area and ensures that his patients get the perfect shape and look that they desire.

Breast lifts now are more common than breast implants, outpacing that procedure by two to one. Many women are on the fence about getting breast implants; especially those that already have a size that they are comfortable with. However, they may not feel confident about the position that their breasts are in. For this reason, breast lifts are becoming more and more popular.

We know that having a figure that makes you feel confident is extremely important. If you are considering a breast lift, we are here to learn more about exactly the results you are looking to achieve for your figure. Give us a call or send us a message through our website to get in touch with one of our highly trained staff members today!

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