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Having an hourglass figure is something that most women desire. Growing up, we all waited for the day we would finally come into our own as a woman and have the need for a real bra. While having a shapely figure is a great thing for women, often having large breasts can be a burden. It is often difficult to maintain proper posture, as well as fit into the correct size when you have large breasts. For example, many women with large breasts often find themselves buying bottoms in a size small or medium, when shopping for a bikini, only to have to buy a large or extra-large in a bikini top. Additionally, many bathing suits simply don’t fit someone who has that type of disproportional frame.

Breast reduction surgery is becoming more and more common. We are seeing a large influx in women coming in to learn more about breast reductions in the San Francisco Bay area. The most common reason we hear is that a breast reduction is desired in order to be more active. Let’s face it, activities such as running, tennis, hiking and additional physical activities are often rendered more difficult to women with larger breasts. Dr. Liu knows that even just one cup size smaller can give women more freedom to do the activities they enjoy without the potential back pain or discomfort that oversized breasts can cause.

Breast reductions can make everyday activities more enjoyable. Hundreds of thousands of women have undergone this simple procedure in order to lead more active lives. The process of undergoing breast reduction surgery will eliminate the need for everyday burdens, such as wearing two bras to the gym, or skipping certain activities due to the level of movement. Give us a call or contact us through our website to learn more today!

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