Facial Rejuvenation Burlingame

What can be done to look younger?

First, we must know what the changes in the face are when one gets older. Then we must do something to reverse these changes. Aging affects the skin, the fat underneath the skin, the structural fat, the muscles especially the muscle of expression and the bony structures. Some or all of these can be seen. The secret is to determine what the changes are, and it is up to the plastic surgeon to do the minimum to reverse these changes to obtain the maximal results.



Non-surgical:Chemical peel, stem cell treatment, Thermitight, Thermismooth, special medical skin care products, microneedling, hydrolifts and others.

Surgical:Facelift, Instalift

Underlying Fat

Fat and stem cell injections, liposuction,Thermitight.

Muscles of Expression


Surgical:Facelift (SMAS)

Bony Structures

Facial implants, stem cell fat injections

Treatment Example

Before Treatment

The changes in this elderly lady include:

  1. Skin: loosening and thinning of the skin resulting from loss of collagen and elastic tissue
  2. Fat: the fat immediately underneath the skin has diminished
  3. Bony structure: the bones especially in the middle of the face have shrunken
  4. Eyebrows: the eyebrow s have become droopy, more on the left than the right
  5. The eyelids are droopy, more on the left than on the right (ptosis)
  6. The muscles of expression have weakened, giving the “old” look such as drooping of the corner of the mouth.

After Treatment

The changes were done with a full facelit, upper and lower eyelid surgery, fat with stem cells injection, a browlift and chemical peel, giving the following results.

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